Copy AI is a pioneering writing assistance platform that uses artificial intelligence technology to support writers and marketers in developing compelling and effective written content. Whether it’s generating copy and headlines or enhancing messaging and readability, Copy AI equips users with robust tools and capabilities to improve their writing and achieve their content marketing objectives.

Key Features and Functionalities

  • AI-Powered Copy Generation: Copy AI features AI-driven copy generation tools that assist users in creating engaging and persuasive written content for a variety of purposes, including marketing campaigns, social media posts, and website copy. By analysing language patterns and user inputs, Copy AI produces high-quality copy tailored to the user’s specific needs and goals.
  • Headline Optimization: Copy AI offers headline optimization tools that aid users in crafting attention-grabbing headlines and titles for their content. By evaluating headline effectiveness and engagement metrics, Copy AI provides suggestions and improvements to help users maximise the impact of their content and increase click-through rates.
  • Message Refinement: Copy AI helps users refine their messaging and communication strategies to better connect with their target audience. Whether it’s devising marketing messages, email campaigns, or ad copy, Copy AI delivers insights and recommendations to effectively convey their brand voice and key messages.
  • Readability Enhancement: Copy AI aids users in enhancing the readability and clarity of their written content by offering advice on sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. By assessing readability metrics and scores, Copy AI ensures that content is easy to understand and engaging for the audience.
  • A/B Testing and Performance Analysis: Copy AI includes A/B testing and performance analysis tools that allow users to measure the effectiveness of their written content and optimise their messaging strategies. By analysing engagement metrics and conversion rates, Copy AI enables users to identify top-performing content and make informed decisions to enhance their content marketing efforts.

Subscription and Pricing

  • Free: $0/month; For individuals just starting with AI-powered solutions; includes 1 Seat, 2,000 Words in Chat and 200 Bonus Credits.
  • Pro: $49/month monthly or $36/month billed yearly ($432); For entrepreneurs or small teams maximising output; includes 5 Seats, Unlimited Words in Chat and 500 Workflow Credits/Mo.
  • Team: $249/month monthly or $186/month billed yearly ($2,232); For growing teams integrating AI into their routines; includes 20 Seats, Unlimited Words in Chat and 3K Workflow Credits/Mo.
  • Enterprise: Contact Team; For organisations ready to empower their GTM with AI; includes Unlimited Seats, SSO & Infosec review, SOC II Type 2, Account Manager, Dedicated AI Training and Workflow Enablement.

Tips for Maximising Copy AI

  • Define Your Objectives: Clearly outline your objectives and goals before using Copy AI to ensure that your written content aligns with your overall marketing strategy and objectives.
  • Experiment with Different Inputs: Try various input options and prompts to generate a range of copy and messaging options. Utilise the versatility of Copy AI to experiment with different tones, styles, and messaging approaches to discover what resonates best with your audience.
  • Iterate and Refine: Continually refine your copy and messaging by testing different variations and analysing performance metrics. Employ Copy AI’s A/B testing and performance analysis tools to pinpoint top-performing content and make data-driven decisions to enhance your messaging strategies over time.
  • Stay Creative and Authentic: While Copy AI provides powerful assistance and suggestions, maintaining creativity and authenticity in your writing is crucial. Use Copy AI as a tool to bolster your creativity and writing process, but always inject your own voice and personality into your content to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

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