Tome is an AI-powered, user-friendly tool for storytelling and crafting impressive presentations in just minutes. With Tome AI, you can create striking presentations that are compatible with any device. It enhances your presentations by adding AI-generated images and videos, resulting in high-quality, professional outputs that you can share with anyone. It utilises ChatGPT and Dall-E in the background to craft polished presentations.

Key Features and Functionalities

  • AI-Powered Slide Design: Tome’s AI-driven slide design tools analyse the content input by users and automatically generate visually appealing slide layouts. By pinpointing key themes, data points, and focal points within the presentation, Tome ensures that each slide is optimised for clarity, coherence, and visual impact.
  • Content Enhancement and Suggestions: Tome provides content enhancement and suggestion features that aid users in refining their presentation content for maximum effectiveness. From grammar and spelling suggestions to formatting and design recommendations, Tome offers actionable insights to elevate the quality and readability of your presentations.
  • Visual Asset Integration: Tome integrates smoothly with existing design assets and resources, allowing users to easily add images, videos, and graphics to their presentations. With access to a comprehensive library of royalty-free media, users can enrich their presentations with visually engaging content that boosts engagement and retention.
  • Presentation Delivery Assistance: Tome supports users throughout the presentation delivery process, providing speaker notes, rehearsal tools, real-time feedback, and audience engagement metrics. This helps presenters deliver confident and impactful presentations that resonate with their audience.
  • Collaboration and Sharing: Tome enhances collaboration and sharing among users, enabling smooth teamwork on presentation projects. With features like real-time co-editing, version control, and secure sharing options, Tome simplifies collaboration workflows and ensures effective teamwork to produce and deliver exceptional presentations.

Subscription and Pricing

  • Free: 100% free with limited features
  • Pro Yearly: $192/year ($16/month)
  • Pro Monthly: $20/month

Pro includes unlimited AI uses, unlimited creation, 2x faster AI, custom branding, engagement analytics, export to PDF, and more.

Tips and Best Practices for Maximising Tome

  • Focus on Content Quality: Prioritise the quality and relevance of your presentation content to ensure it resonates with your audience. Utilise Tome’s content enhancement tools to sharpen your messaging, clarify key points, and ensure consistency throughout your presentation.
  • Utilise Visual Aids Effectively: Employ Tome’s AI-driven slide design tools to create visually appealing slides that support and enhance your message. Strategically incorporate images, videos, and graphics to reinforce key points and keep your audience engaged.
  • Practice Delivery and Rehearsal: Make the most of Tome’s presentation delivery assistance features to rehearse and polish your presentation delivery. Use speaker notes, rehearsal tools, and audience engagement metrics to refine your delivery style and build confidence before presenting to a live audience.
  • Collaborate with Team Members: Work effectively with team members and stakeholders using Tome’s collaboration and sharing features. Share presentation drafts, collect feedback, and co-edit presentations in real-time to align with project goals and objectives.
  • Stay Updated with Design Trends: Keep abreast of current design trends and best practices to keep your presentations fresh and engaging. Experiment with new design techniques, layouts, and visual styles to create presentations that stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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